Parks Programs

Having fun, meeting your neighbors and making new friends is what living in the City of Fullerton is all about. Throughout the year, the City of Fullerton Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of programs to all our citizens.

Whether it is a local festival for all ages, an athletic camp for school age children or volunteer opportunities for our local seniors, there is something for everyone.

Summer Recreation Programs include baseball, softball, swimming, golf, sand volleyball, pickleball and tennis.

The City is currently in the process of renovating the Softball and Baseball fields. This will include completely redesigning the infields, new scoreboards and fencing and upgrading the grandstands at the baseball field. The infields were completed in May of 2017 and the scoreboards and fences were addressed in 2018.

In addition, the tennis court area will also be receiving some much needed care and upgrade. This will include concrete repair and surface, new tennis court nets, pickleball equipment and new tennis court and basketball court markings. In addition, the City will be looking at relocating the Skate Park and in the process pouring a new concrete surface designed specifically for skate boards and bicycles.

Powerhouse Outdoor Recreation Park: The City of Fullerton has begun work on the Powerhouse Outdoor Recreation Park. This area of about 21 acres was the location of a hydroelectric plant on the Cedar River. Built in the 1920's, it was taken out of service in the 60's and the land turned over to the City. This unique piece of land includes the old powerhouse building and Five Acre Island located in the Cedar River. Safety fences have been recently installed and the bridge to the island has been repaired to allow pedestrian access.

Currently the City has received two grants for the area. The first is a grant from Nebraska Game & Parks that will add 2500 linear feet of contrete trails, which was completed in June 2018. The second grant from the Land Water Conservation Fund will be used to add water and sewer services and an RV park was completed in the Spring of 2019.

Broken Arrow Wilderness Camp, which is privately owned, covers approximately 95 acres. The camp, available to large and small groups on a reservation basis, has a number of buildings and cabins and a complete kitchen. Visitors will find a soothing, relaxing atmosphere amid a peaceful setting of large oak trees. Features include rustic cabins, year-round camping, picnicking, hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, canoeing and a look-out site for a panoramic view of "Lovers Leap".

For more information, visit the Broken Arrow Web site or call (308) 536-2441.

The Nance County Museum contains many artifacts of the county. Other attractions include the Whispering Cedar Bible Camp, the new Outdoor Track and the new Nance County Veterans Memorial Park and Military Museum.